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Buck Run Barnwood



Located in beautiful Upstate NY, this slice of heaven is aptly named Buck-Run, where

meandering deer make their haven among the steep trails carved throughout the

hills and gorges of the Genesee Valley. It is here that abandoned turn-of-the-century

barns inspired in me a sense of wonder. Convinced that the rich wood grain hidden

within each beam of old oak, pine, mahogany, and chestnut could once again reveal its

unique character, I went to work, creating one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture crafted

in beautiful barnwood. My love for wood was cultivated at a young age. Growing up

near the wooded banks of Buck-Run, I learned to appreciate the value of quality lumber

from my father. Cutting firewood and logging trees has always been my passion.

Building a log home for my family in 1990 was the natural thing to do.

By the goodness of God, I do what I love for the enjoyment of others.

Just as each tree is created with its own unique qualities, so too is each piece.

Whether a coffee table, bookshelf, or picture frame, its magnificent beauty and intrinsic

detail is distinctive, designed with consideration of the inherent characteristics of each board.

Buck-Run Barnwood Furniture comes with a guarantee—

though we may have to cut out a few imperfections, you have my promise: we will never cut corners.

Buck-Run Furniture . . . reshaping the landscape of the past with a vision for its future.


Brian Swanson Woodworks

With moveable end pieces, this uniquely designed and beautifully

crafted stand will grow with your collection and provide

a beautiful setting for your most cherished books.

Dimensions: 26" W x 10 1/2" H x 11" D

       Brian Swanson Wood Works


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